We help our clients create major growth platforms, build innovation capabilities and operate open innovation hubs.


Disruptive Technology Studio

Our Disruptive Technology Studio begins with an in-depth review of the corporate growth strategy, changing customer needs and the company's current technology maturity curve. We then factor new scientific and technical developments to generate an array of new possibilities to drive the company's tech strategy, from major performance improvements, to new disruptive approaches.

CREATE Major Growth Platforms


We join your project teams as growth entrepreneurs in residence, uncovering new customer needs, assessing breakthrough technologies and accelerating new business ventures.


Venture Accelerator

We combine the best attributes of entrepreneurship (small teams, bias towards action, discovery-driven, agility, urgency, frugality and speed) with those of open innovation (leverage of others' knowledge and resources) to efficiently and effectively launch high-growth new ventures from within.


Business Model Studio

We start this studio by assessing your current business model in the face of changing market conditions. We use our knowledge of business model archetypes, proprietary modeling tools and relevant case studies to help generate radical new approaches to your business that take advantage of impending value migrations. At the end, we recommend fundamental changes to your current business model or the start of new ones.


Consumer Science Studio

We employ the latest thinking from cognitive science, psychology and behavioral economics to uncover customers' latent, un-articulated wants and needs to develop new ways to change behavior. Key discoveries across logical, emotional and sub-conscious thoughts and feelings reveal customer's hidden needs, uncovering innovation opportunities. What's more, we do it fast!


What’s Needed

We apply the latest methodology from behavioral science and economics to understand the total consumer experience (mind—rational, body—sensorial, soul—emotional, task—practical)—beyond what you currently see and influence—in order to unlock new opportunities to solve unmet needs.


What's Possible

We use deep, cross-domain scientific expertise to connect to the world to find new technology pathways that can drive disruptive innovation to current markets and help create new ones.

BUILD Open Innovation Capability


We help you design and implement the needed capabilities to lead through innovation, from formulating an ambitious innovation strategy and resultant organizational structures to igniting an entrepreneurial culture.


Innovation Strategy

We help you evaluate your organization's innovation strategy starting with a thorough review of current momentum. We then help you devise a detailed playbook for filling the projected gaps including changes to corporate strategy, capabilities and business models, balance the mix of core, adjacency and novel growth, and recommendations regarding organic vs. inorganic sources of growth.


Open Innovation Platform

Our Open Innovation service helps our clients design, launch and operate an open innovation platform to systemically search and connect to customers, partners and experts for insights, new technologies and strategic advantages. This full service offering includes a review of open innovation objectives, organizational design choices, recruiting and training of staff, recommendation of IT tools, and blueprints of key processes.


Employee Innovation Forum

We can help you tailor and operate a comprehensive employee innovation forum to generate new growth options, develop entrepreneurial leaders and tangibly promote you company's innovation culture. We combine crowdsourcing with small-team entrepreneurial methods to efficiently generate, select and develop high potential ideas for seed funding and formal executive reviews. As part of program design, we recommend the appropriate IT infrastructure to drive engagement and speed of decision making.


What’s Required

We understand your industry context and your current business model and we quickly identify the opportunities and risks inherent. We also identify and evaluate a whole new set of business model archetypes that can generate differentially favorable economics for you by leveraging external assets and shifting your profit equation—both within and outside your core.

OPERATE Open Innovation Hubs


We operate centers to source technology solutions from outside your company and industry that meet your innovation specifications. We want to monetize external assets quickly, are ready to transition to external asset evaluation, lack capabilities to externally source technology, and require speed to identified solutions.


Technology Acquisition Hub

We are the world experts in helping large companies connect their core businesses to external assets in order to accelerate higher-return innovation. We can rapidly build and operate a series of Open Innovation Hubs on your behalf to sustainably find, assess, and get external assets, technologies, and ready-to-go products that can immediately impact core business topline growth. This approach enables you to quickly access external assets through our growth entrepreneurs without building out your own fixed infrastructure.



We can build and manage a portfolio of adjacent and disruptive innovation concepts to drive strategic, longer-term growth on your behalf. Our growth entrepreneurs build and maintain an innovation portfolio. They move it from initial scoping through market validation and launch using an iterative “Lean Startup” approach. This approach enables you to build viable growth options for the future without taking your focus off of your core business.


New Ventures Lab

Our New Ventures Lab helps our clients improve their entrepreneurial capability to quickly identify, explore, and exploit game-changing new ventures from within. This full service offering includes structuring of corporate venturing objectives, funding, governance, incentives and performance metrics, project selection and portfolio management, and participant recruiting and training (teams and executive review board).